Catherine Rush

Yoga Voice and Sound Therapist

Catherine lives in the Greater Philadelphia area, and has spent over 30 years teaching voice and acting. Her work with singers and actors emphasizes mind-body awareness, and enables them to create a healthy, optimum sound with the least amount of effort. Her recent workshops are: Finding Your Voice With Yoga, andYoga for Performance Anxiety. She is a certified 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, a member of National Association of Teachers of Singing, and is in the process of getting her 850 Hour Yoga Therapy Certification. She can be found online at

Kristy Schiano

Yoga Therapist

500 RYT and currently pursuing my 1000-hour yoga therapy certification with IAYT (international association of yoga therapists). Spin Instructor, Ironman Athlete. Kristy’s professional career extends over 22 years in software technology sales primarily working with health and life science companies. She has her undergrad in Chemical Engineering and have an EMBA. She contributes her passion for both science and health to her early childhood years to mixing her mom’s cosmetics in the sink to make new concoctions and she loved doing Jane Fonda’s VCR tapes in the 1980’s. Personally, she is an Ironman triathlete and has sustained MANY injuries and surgeries. During her recovery, she had to rely on awareness, focus, motivation and discipline to get back into the business world and Ironman competitions. Integrating her career in technology and living holistically ignited within her the ability to relate to others and support them on the road to success and recovery in any aspect of life.


Jeanna Terzano

HR & Business Advisor

Jeanna’s unique background encompasses experience from both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. She has over 20 years working in the human resources capacity for mid to large sized organizations and owned small businesses in the construction and real estate sectors domestically and internationally. Jeanna’s own personal wellness routine has been the backbone driving her motivation, dedication and success in business and life. In her late 20’s Jeanna sustained injuries to her hips and back. Desperate to ease the pain, she turned to Pilates, which taught her techniques and philosophy to maintain a strong core and correct postural alignment practices. Jeanna always integrates wellness strategies into the companies she works for and found that caring for the employees’ well-being ignites the productivity, compassion and loyalty that companies seek from their employees. Jeanna is a graduate of Saint Francis University with a B.S. in Psychology, has a MD Real Estate license and is a Certified Power Pilates Instructor.

Emmanuelle Clouser

Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master

Emmanuelle has been practicing yoga since 2011 and she is passionate about learning and connecting with people. Her interest in physical activity developed at a young age when she started swimming at a competitive level. Later, she studied physical and health education at McGill University in Montreal Canada where she was also part of the swim team. She found yoga during her college years as a way to slow down and connects with her body; she has been hooked ever since. In January 2016, she traveled to Nicaragua to participate in a 500 hours teacher training. This was a life changing adventure that strengthened her desire to share the practice with others. Since then, she also attended a vinyasa flow training, a sequencing training and became a certified Reiki Master. This past year she traveled across North America and taught yoga from coast to coast. She is happy to land here, in Ocean City and to share her passion and spend time on the beach!

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