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Yoga therapy is a holistic healing modality that restores physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It is based on ancient yogic texts and modern medicine. Unlike a group yoga class, we will work together 1 x 1 in person or virtually. By focusing on lifestyle factors such as work, relationships, rest, movement, and thoughts, you will learn how to decrease stress, improve the quality of your life, and get unstuck in your recovery.

Our work together begins with a free 30-minute Discovery Call. During this time I will answer your questions about yoga and eating disorders and share specifics about my services. Our sessions will include a combination of


yoga poses

breathing exercises

mental techniques



lifestyle education

No two sessions are the same. We will work on what is important to you and will help you on that given day. Unlike how traditional therapy travels back in time to discover root causes, the goal of yoga therapy for eating disorders is to create tools and practices to help you address the here and now. Additionally, unlike traditional forms of treatment and therapy for eating disorders, we will not be narrowly focused on food or your specific symptoms. Instead, we will broaden the realm of recovery and healing beyond those topics to cultivate resilience and infuse your recovery with new energy, concepts, and motivation.

When We Work Together
Our sessions will be tailored to meet your specific needs, goals, and intentions. Many find private instruction to be a more comfortable setting to explore being in their body. It also allows you the space and time to focus on yourself in this unique way. Trust me, I get that it can feel scary to do or try yoga and be in your body. But I promise I will be there to guide you. No matter what you're thinking, feeling, or fearing, I've been there. I know your struggle because it's been my struggle. I am dedicated to creating a safe space for you to reconnect with your body in the most positive way possible so that you experience your mind body as sources of strength.

Our 60-minute in person or online sessions will include a combination of talking, yoga poses, breathing exercises, mental techniques, meditation, relaxation, and lifestyle education. Our work together will be goal oriented to support you in your efforts to practice and test out new yoga-based tools in your recovery and life in general.

Free Discovery Call
If you are curious about how yoga therapy can be helpful in your recovery and relationship with your body, let's connect on a free 30-minute discovery call. Whether you are new to yoga or are an experienced practitioner, there's so much to discover about how this practice can heal, empower, and offer new tools to support your ongoing relationship with your body and self. I will gladly answer all of your questions during our call, and we will discover the best way I can support you going forward.

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