Women holding prayer hands to her forehead.

About Me

Yoga is more than a pose; it's a way of life.

Hi! My name is Jenny Lind.


I am committed to sharing the practice of yoga as a lifestyle. I provide a safe, inviting space to be present with yourself, inquire, learn, practice, reflect, and arm you with ancient "human" practices to bring into your daily life.  


I believe we all hold the answers within. Many of us find yoga later in our lives when we have reached our breaking point and seek something more. The key is to become aware of the signs before the stressor manifests into unhealthy decisions, patterns, or diseases.

My approach is to blend the therapeutic, physiological, and energetic benefits that support total health and spiritual well-being.

Life is ever-changing, change is infinite and it doesn't have to be so hard.

In 2010, I experienced a panic attack and spent several days in the hospital. This experience led me to a therapist who told me, simply, "you need to breathe". I learned how to breathe with awareness. Through practice, I began to feel at ease. This simple practice led me to yoga, meditation, and inspired me to teach.


I created sustainable habits of breathwork, meditation, mantras which transformed my attitude towards work and relationships into contentment, abundance, and joy, and is my mission to share how with you.


The majority of my professional sales career I spent on the road and had the opportunity to practice and study at yoga studios around the world. I became well versed in all facets of yoga and other healing modalities. I settled in with "classical yoga lineage" from the Yogalife Institute in Wayne, PA.

Credentials & Accomplishments


  • Certified Yoga Therapist - International Association of Yoga Therapy

  • RYT 500

  • Trauma Aware Yoga Certification w/with Erin Byron, MA, RP, C-IAYT

  • YACEP (Yoga Alliance Certified Educational Provider)

  • Inspirational breathworker (in training)

  • USUI & Kundalini Reiki Master


  • Perdue Lean Six Sigma - Perdue University

  • Workshop Developer & Facilitator

  • Speaker & Educator

  • Contributing author to the Maryland Department of Health newsletter


  • Body Mindful Yoga for Eating Disorders-Dr. Jennifer Kreatsoulas

  • Meditation Styles-Dr. Bob Butera

  • Myofascial Meridians -Tom Myers

  • Neuroimmunology, Neurodynamics-Tiffany Cruishank-YogaMedicine

  • Restorative YogaYoga for Athletes

  • Yoga for Nutrition

  • Yoga for Spine and Cardiac Care

  • Yoga for Aging & Women's Health

  • ACA PaddleBoard Instructor


Volunteer Work