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Corporate Welness Training

Corporate Wellness

Motivate, Engage & Empower Your Employees

InfiniteWellCo offers executive and employee wellness coaching for personal and business growth. 

Optimal health and wellness are achieved when we align our environment, body and spirit as one. Together we will define and outline your company goals, initiatives, and challenges internally that keep growth and change at bay.


The wellness and lifestyle of your employees directly impact your growth and culture. Our coaches have corporate and entrepreneurial acumen and direct experience as managers, business owners, and directors.


We will guide you to integrate wellness into your organization and transform business operations into a culture that embraces team, positive attitude, productivity, and a deep sense of community.

Your organization is unique, has its own fingerprint and culture. Through an integrative approach, InfiniteWellCo gives you the tools to begin your journey to a new you—the real you. Find out more below.

Ready to get clear on your organizational goals and initiatives?

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Let’s Work Together

Onsite & Virtual


We have transformed traditional "workshops" into "wellshops" which are designed with your employee's individual and team goals in mind. Wellshops are educational, hands-on, and custom-created to instill lasting changes and habits.

*Virtual Available

Conference & Retreat Planning*

Hundreds and thousands of dollars are spent each year on travel and on-site locations to train or provide company updates, processes, and goals.  Oftentimes, the information is forgotten or not implemented once back in the field.


Transform traditional company conferences and retreats by adding wellness sessions, private sessions and even "sit/meditation" space to allow your employees and teams quiet reflection time.


The more "well-time," the more they will absorb the information and implement it on the job and in life.

*Virtual Planning available

Yoga & Meditation Classes*

InfiniteYoga is InfiniteWellCo's sister company that offers yoga classes to companies on-premise or virtual.


InfiniteYoga has a team of certified and insured yoga instructors throughout the United States. 

*Virtual Available

Become a Certified Breath Facilitator

Become a breathwork and meditation facilitator at your place of work. Learn how to educate and empower your team, individuals and groups through natural stress release techniques. Support individuals when panic, anxiety and PTSD symptoms present within the workplace.


This "train the trainer" format is available onsite and online. Learn proper breathing techniques and six different meditation techniques. Training is an onsite three-day course.

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Yoga at Home


Please take a look at some of my testimonials below

to see how I’ve helped my clients achieve their goals.


National Sales Director

It is clear you live what you preach, your knowledge of wellness should be spread to others within our organization ! We look forward to having you as an extension of our Team and spreading Wellness to all.

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Marketing/Activities Director

Jenny and her team not only improved our guests happiness and wellness this year but also stayed organized and efficient. All Instructors were strict with the schedule we had planned for busy summer which allowed me to be stress free of the multiple and daily fitness activities we had. I recommend InfiniteWellCo/YouYoga Wellness for any hotel or business that want to improve their customers or employees well being.



Human Resource Director

We added InfiniteWellCo as an extension of our Wellness Committee to bring "wellshops" quarterly to our corporate office.  Each "wellshop" was designed specifically to our employees needs and also built team work and camaraderie within our company.  We look forward to more "wellshops" in 2020!

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