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Flow Through Life

Our yoga offerings are designed and taught to include everyone of any age or level.  Our classes offer "Classical Yoga" style classes which is the core foundation yoga poses that have stood the test of time.


Our teachers encourage students to do what is right for you body and mind in class and provide options for beginner and advanced yogis.    


 Yoga, afterall, is that place where you are completely united with your whole self and that means you know within if you need to push through, hold back or stay neutral by relaxing in the pose of your choice at anytime. 

 Classes are held at several locations on the eastern shore and virtually.


Beach & Bayside Yoga
(begins Labor day weekend)

Dunes Manor Hotel
28th Street Breach

Cambria Hotel
13 St Louis Ave -Bayside

A class for all to experience the foundations of yoga while experiencing the elements of shorelife. Find your way into presence and unite your body, mind and soul towards a blissful relaxing state of being.

All levels welcome!

Bath Salts

Salt Room Yoga
Ocean Elements Salt Spa
Friday Evenings

60 minutes of gentle vinyasa style yoga in the salt room at the Ocean Elements Salt Spa. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the salt air and strengthen the respiratory system. 

All levels welcome!

Private Sessions are available for individuals looking to enhance their yoga practice. 

All our instructors are available for private and group sessions.