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women in a yoga class in warrior pose

Yoga Classes

Flow Through Life

Jenny Lind offers  "Classical Yoga" style classes designed and taught for all ages and experience levels. We provide beginner and advanced yogis options. Our teachers encourage students to do what is suitable for their bodies and mind.    


Breath completely unites you with your whole self, and that means you know within if you need to push through, hold back and breathe through it. 

Starting Labor Day weekend through Memorial Day, InfiniteYoga offers beach yoga at the Dunes Manor Hotel and Bayside Yoga at Cambria Hotel in Ocean City. Check the schedule below for dates and times.


Private and group sessions are available in-person or virtually.

Yoga Classes

Bayside Yoga
Cambria Hotel
Saturday & Sunday at 9:00 AM
Beach Yoga
Dunes Manor Hotel
Every Day at 8:00 AM
Sunrise Restorative Yoga
Lighthouse Lakes
Saturday at 8:00 AM
Gentle Yoga Flow
Lighthouse Lakes
Wednesday at 5:30 PM
Barre, Strength & Stretch
Lighthouse Lakes
Monday at 8:00 AM
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