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Thank you for stopping by! You may be seeking answers, to life's challenges. You may be seeking support and a new perspective to reduce stress, find balance, reduce pain, heal from trauma and seek to live with freedom and ease in your day. If this sounds familiar, then you are in the right place!

I believe and know from my own experience with overcoming anxiety, the more we learn about ourselves through our practice, the more connected, compassionate, and kind we become with ourselves is the gateway and connection to all facets of our lives. 

As a Certified Yoga Therapist & USUI & Kundalini Reiki Master and with over 20 years of experience in corporate America, I have blended yoga therapy, energetic practices and other wellness tools and create a personalized healing approach to create the transformation you desire. 


My approach is to listen and guide you to develop your own practices, enhance your intuitive abilities connect your body/mind and emotions to create your optimal wellbeing and lifestyle.  

You ready to feel whole, healthy, empowered and connected?

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Yoga at Home


The yoga community values wellbeing and supports one another in the pursuit of a better, healthier lifestyle. Take a look at some of my testimonials below to see how I’ve helped my clients achieve their goals.


National Sales Director

It is clear you live what you preach, your knowledge of wellness should be spread to others within our organization ! We look forward to having you as an extension of our Team and spreading Wellness to all.



Marketing/Activities Director

Jenny and her team not only improved our guests happiness and wellness this year but also stayed organized and efficient. All Instructors were strict with the schedule we had planned for busy summer which allowed me to be stress free of the multiple and daily fitness activities we had. I recommend InfiniteWellCo/YouYoga Wellness for any hotel or business that want to improve their customers or employees well being.



Human Resource Director

We added InfiniteWellCo as an extension of our Wellness Committee to bring "wellshops" quarterly to our corporate office.  Each "wellshop" was designed specifically to our employees needs and also built team work and camaraderie within our company.  We look forward to more "wellshops" in 2020!


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