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Ancient Practices for Modern Life

Hi friends!


Are you looking for ways to reduce stress and find relief from anxiety in your daily life? If yes, then you are in the right place!

From my own experience with overcoming anxiety, I believe that the more we learn about ourselves the more connected, compassionate, and kind we become to ourselves and reflected in how you perceive and receive life. Yoga and breath is the gateway to connect to all facets of your life in the most natural way possible even amidst the daily demands!

How? First, I listen to you and through yoga therapy, energy-work, breathwork, movement and nutrition, I provide an intuitive approach to guide you in developing your own practices to connect your body/mind and emotions to create your optimal well-being and lifestyle.  

Ready to FEEL connected and less stressed?

Let's get started!

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Ready to transform stress into energy that will keep you vital through all stages of life?



Release emotional holding,  tension and increase immune health and vibrancy.



Together we will map your company goals, initiatives, and build a path to foster a culture of  wellbeing.

Let's Talk

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