Lifestyle approach to live your best life!

with Jenny Lind

Lifestyle Strategist & Yoga Therapist


Yoga therapy is recognized as a scientifically valid approach to physical and mental health.

Yoga therapists are highly-trained in yoga philosophy/foundations, anatomy, physiology, biomedicine,

adaptive tools, pathophysiology and extensive clinical practicum. 

If you say yes to one of these, let's work together!

Stressed and Overwhelmed? 


Lack Clarity?

Can't seem to get ahead?

Not sure which direction to go in professionally?

Unhappy in your job?

Anxious? Non-social?

Unexplained pain in the body?

Negative outlook?

Low self-esteem?

Struggle to lose weight?

Hormones wacky?

Ready to be balanced, healthy and vital at every age of life? 


Infinite Benefits of working together!

Greater energy

Feel balanced and whole

Learn how to rest, trust and get clear on your goals

Get back on track through self-inquiry

Reframe your experience and perspective

Move with freedom and ease

Process your feelings and learn how to release and let go

Healthy body awareness and nutritional choices

Sharpen your intuition and explore your gifts

Get to know your positive emotions

Shift from limitation to endless opportunity







"I am 62 years old and I had never heard or/or tried yoga therapy before.  I love how your yoga therapy sessions impacted all aspects of my life.  During our sessions I gained the confidence to make a career change and enroll in yoga teacher training!" -Brenda


"Jenny is a talented GUIDE for creating a wonderful life. 

I felt - and still do feel more empowered!" - Leslie

" I was struggling with work politics and not moving ahead and anxiety was high. Jenny, taught me techniques that fit my life and schedule. Today, I no longer blame others, I have more patience and learned my anxiety was actually pointing me toward another direction and creating my own consulting company!" -Laura

When We Work Together

Our sessions will be tailored to meet your specific needs, goals, and intentions.

I am dedicated to creating a safe, non-judgmental space for
you to reconnect with your body in the most positive way possible

so that you experience your mind body as sources of strength.

You will learn and practice ancient human practices to support you through challenge and growth in your life. 

No matter what you're thinking, feeling, or fearing, I understand.

I transformed my anxiety and pain with these practices. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would

be a yoga therapist. That is the beauty of creating a lifestyle grounded in ancient practices that unites

you with your humanness, recognize and live out your purpose and to receive and give your greatest gifts.

With Gratitude,




30-minute Complimentary Discovery Call

Our work together starts here for us to meet and get to know each other!

I will answer all your questions about yoga therapy, working together and have an open

conversation about your healing intention, expectations

and personal/professional goals.


Investment in Your Journey

In-person or Virtual

75- Minute Session 


6 sessions (3 month expiration)


90 Day Journey


8- 75 Minute sessions

Unlimited communication via - Personal/Secure Slack Account


Tough Love

One Year to Freedom

Contact me for more details

12 Yoga Therapy Sessions

Unlimited communication via - Personal/Secure Slack Account

Nutrition Testing

Nutrition Plan

3-Reiki Sessions 

Tough Love

Referrals and Community

I am committed to ensure you have the best resources. I have an extensive network of wellness experts if you

have others areas in your life that need support. I will provide you referrals, contacts and additional resources.

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