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Updated: Jul 6, 2021


A Lot has happened in a short amount of time and has forced all of us to "change" our habits, lifestyle and move very quickly into new styles of work and new roles at home. I've had peers and friends that have had to go from "Road Warrior" to "Homeschool parent" overnight, or drastically change their business model to remote in order to stay in business. At its worst, family and friends who have had to close their business doors due to mandatory shut downs. I am sure you all have familiar stories.

In effort to stay strong, positive and move forward I'd like to share with you a "simple" ancient practice we can all do to reduce the stress, sense of isolation, the fear, the worry and anxiousness of whats next:

  1. Atha (yogic philosophy (now begins): in today's terms: awareness, mindfulness, presence.

Now begins a new moment, a new day, a new perspective a new opportunity to try something different, express our inner creativity and explore new territory in our daily lives. Personally, I had to shift my weekend yoga classes to virtual classes. I took the time to clean out my emails/inboxes and home workspace and took the time to appreciate my backyard, plant some flowers, weed and create virtual chats with old high school and college friends to stay connected. This is what I could do NOW, to stay connected start something new and create a new way of doing business.

The result? Rejuvenation, sense of empowerment, strength, control, appreciation and gratitude. As soon as I felt the doubt, uncertainty, fear or isolation creep in, I practiced awareness, presence to embody the latter.

Please share what new beginning, awareness or presence you expressed during this time this forced change and uncertainty. We all have our own way and strengths of getting through! Let's share for it just might be a new, fresh, creative idea for someone to try! (share a pic too!)

Be well, safe and connected!

Pic of Saturday beach yoga virtual!

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