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Reflecting On Victories

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Recap of weekly fireside Zoom Chat-August 27th


Victories! The definition in webster is:

"An act of defeating an enemy or opponent in a battle, game, or other competition."

We all have our own personal victories, maybe ones that are not so much about competition, but those that lead you to feel the most empowered. Victories are the moments we gained strength, overcame or accomplished a task or expressed an inner strength. This most likely lead us to express ourselves in a newfound way that empowered us to make decisions aligned with our values, dreams and higher self. Self victories lead us to the confidence to choose for ourselves, to make decisions moving forward from that one victorious moment.

Today we took reflection to a whole new level. We scanned from early on in our life those moments we felt victorious. We remembered moments of accomplishment, sports, music, winning, but we also realized the victories that are deeper, from the deep moments of change, resistance, loss and came through with a flag high staking our personal power and ground!

The smiles on the faces today, the laughs of looking back and remembering those moments was truly priceless. We connected and shared on a level that opened our hearts.

I shared how back in high-school, I had my first love and I dropped everything for him. I stopped hanging with friends, I didn't play lacrosse my junior year to watch his baseball, I put me on the back burner. Into my senior year and the week before tryouts for field hockey, he "broke up with me". I was devastated with that young heartbreak of how can I move on lol! During tryouts, I had no motivation, my mind was not there. Unfortunately, my coach cut me from the team and said to me and the team, "if your head isn't in it, you can't be part of the team." Now, this is harsh and yes, devastating at that age, though I remember my VICTORY, from that experience was to never lose your sense of self to someone else. This has allowed me to stand in my power and to share a life with someone, not with strings attached, control or attachment issues, but to be supportive of each other with clear communication and express what we need as individuals to feel whole and complete.

A client shared her victory of seeing her spouse (2nd marriage) with her grandchildren, they did not have kids together and she felt victorious because she knew she was with a kind, loving man. Seeing her grandchildren interact with him and him being so endearing and kind with the kids was victorious.

She also shared how in her work over the years, her public speaking training she had to take in her corporate job was intense, and she resisted the training, though, in the long run, her public speaking practice gave her a voice with tone, inflection, clarity and confidence she needed, which lead her to communicate that she was leaving her 1st marriage that was not a supportive, loving situation. This was a victory for her and lead her down the path to becoming a speaker, an author, spiritual counselor and meet her 2nd husband above! So victorious!

A friend shared her story of her teen years and being competitive growing up in Ireland and playing "netball" (which I'm not sure what it is but shes sending a picture soon!). She realized how her competitive nature was the driver to become strong, not be left behind and always wanting to learn and try new things. This victory guided her later in life when she found herself stuck in her job for years, and most recently took the leap to move into her own counseling practice and became accepted into Oxford University in England for continued studies in mindfulness! She also felt a Victory recently of not caring what others think, especially her family, who never understands why she is always going to classes and taking courses and always "learning." She is standing in her power, feeling victorious with nothing stopping her!

My mission is to share practical ancient practices with you so we can feel good on the inside out and live a life of less resistance and celebrate your victories!

If you are seeking a new perspective and practices in your life, send me an email to set up a complimentary discussion:

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