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Our Services

I offer Yoga Therapy and Breathwork to Cancer Warriors and Caregivers through the non-profit, UnstoppableJoy. 
Below is the link to schedule your session virtually or in-person.
To receive the services, you will need!

Proud Sponsor & Healing Provider

Unstoppable Joy is a foundation based on providing natural and positive support to warriors diagnosed with cancer of ANY KIND (adults or children). Self-love is so important. Cancer warriors need to stay positive and do things that help lift their spirits. And that is precisely what the Unstoppable Joy team wants to offer you and your caregiver throughout your cancer journey.

I offer a " complimentary membership" to warriors that include the monthly breath circle and monthly yoga restorative yoga class during your time of cancer treatments.  

Visit Unstoppable Joy's website to learn more. 

Below are ways to give and join us for a Gala this June, 2023
and my contact information to receive Yoga Therapy/Breathwork with me. 

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