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Breathwork Training: A Foundations Course

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One breath at a time! 


2023 Fall Weekend  

October 6th, 7th & 8th

Ocean City, MD

Are you a yoga teacher, therapist, health-care provider or simply passionate about wellness and


This training is just for you!

"When you own your breath,

  no one can steal your peace.”


What you will learn:

  • You will learn the anatomy of breath, the role of oxygen and carbon dioxide in respiration and nervous system response (fight/flight, Rest/Digest)

        I promise, this will be exciting!

  • You will learn about the energy systems of the body and practices to open the channels to allow energy to move freely through the body.

        This is the good stuff!

  • You will learn how to identify breath patterns, the tools to dismantle patterns to restore a natural breathing pattern.

        This is where sh"* gets real!

  • You will learn foundational ancient breath techniques (pranayama), the philosophy, purpose and impact on the nervous system. 

       This is the WHY behind it all!
       Simon Sinek would be proud!

  • You will learn how to prepare yourself for a breath session through centering yoga practices, how to use energy clearing tools and learn compassionate language to guide yourself and others through the breathing practice. 
    Unleash your fairy dust!

A weekend Intensive/Retreat style training. 

This is a small collective of Six people due to the therapeutic and trauma-release nature of breathwork training and practice. 

Exchange includes:

2 night stay (Friday & Saturday)


Training materials

All meals will be whole foods and will align with the chakra energy worked with each day! This is a non-alcoholic weekend and fresh juices, water, herbal tea and cacao will be served!

You will receive a welcome email with the training outline, pre-work and books to read prior!


$950 (includes room) 

$600 (local) 

$150 deposit

You will receive 22 hours to apply to Yoga Alliance hours You will receive a certificate of completion.  This is prerequisite for  Intuitive Breathwork training coming Winter/Spring of 2024! 

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